Credit: Laser World of Photonics

SI Stuttgart Instruments wins innovation prize at Laser Munich

26 April 2022

The winners of the six innovation award categories were also announced

Dr Peter Leibinger, CTO of Trumpf, speaking at the World of Quantum forum at Laser World of Photonics. Credit: Matthew Dale

Quantum race will be long: Peter Leibinger in Munich

26 April 2022

Dr Peter Leibinger, CTO of Trumpf, has called for a joined-up strategy on quantum technologies on the first day of Laser World of Photonics in Munich

Photonic chips can overcome the expected limit to Moore’s Law and will help tackle energy sustainability issues. (Image: PhotonDelta)

Dutch photonic chip ecosystem PhotonDelta secures €1.1bn funding

20 April 2022

The funding will be used to invest in photonic startups and scaleups, expand production and research, attract and train talent, drive adoption, and develop a world-class design library

Nanoscribe won the 2019 Innovation Award (credit: Messe Munchen GmbH)

Finalists for Laser Munich Innovation Award announced

08 April 2022

15 finalists have been selected by a panel of expert judges for the award, which will be presented at Laser World of Photonics later this month

Artistic representation of a neural network containing optically-interconnected Mach-Zehnder interferometers. The interferometer is the main component of the quantum memristor. (Credit: Equinox Graphics, University of Vienna)

Accelerating artificial neurons with photonic circuits

05 April 2022

Physicists at the University of Vienna have demonstrated a new device, called a quantum memristor, which may allow scientists to combine AI and quantum computing, in order to unlock unprecedented capabilities for research.

Chromacity partners with Tematys

05 April 2022

The new partnership will see Tematys align the technological sourcing requirements of French organisations with the capabilities of Chromacity’s ultrafast lasers

The plasma-based Spatial ALD system operates with rotation and can precisely coat even complex-shaped optics. (Image: LZH)

New ALD system can precisely coat complex-shaped optics

04 April 2022

The system achieves higher deposition rates than previously possible, and could apply to the automotive lighting or VR/AR sectors

Credit: Bolb

Tests validate anti-bacterial effectiveness of UVC LEDs

22 March 2022

Researchers at Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology have shown that UVC LEDs from Bolb achieve a 99.95 per cent kill rate for airborne viruses and bacteria

Luna acquires €20m LIOS sensing business from NKT

14 March 2022

NKT Photonics has divested its LIOS sensing business to the American company Luna Innovations Incorporated for €20m

Scantinel's solid state parallelised FMCW 5D+ PIC

Scantinel achieves parallelised FMCW lidar on chip

12 March 2022

The first demonstrators will be available by the middle of this year

Credit: Effect Photonics

Effect Photonics buys business unit from Viasit

12 March 2022

Effect will obtain coherent optical digital signal processing (DSP) and forward error correction (FEC) technology as well as an experienced engineering team

Picoquant employees donate €20k to Ukrainian refugees

12 March 2022

Employees contributed more than €10.000 out of their own pockets and Picoquant doubled this sum