Credit: NASA

Could robots allow larger telescope mirrors to exist in space?

07 February 2022

The EU-funded PULSAR project aimed to create a fully autonomous robotic assembly system that could construct the primary mirror of a telescope from separate parts in orbit

Wireless power beaming will provide auxiliary power to small satellites in low Earth orbit. (Image: Space Power)

Lasers to beam power between satellites

02 February 2022

The technology will provide auxiliary power to small satellites in low orbit during their eclipse period – when they cannot see the sun

(Image: Shutterstock/0beron)

Join our roundtable discussion on photonics supply chain issues

31 January 2022

Electro Optics is seeking participants for a roundtable discussion on supply chain issues in photonics, including those around importing/exporting to the UK post-Brexit.

Project EPOS (Extremely Powerful Optical Sources) will see two different amplifier systems developed: one for terrestrial use and one for use in space. (Image: G&H)

G&H wins €2m ESA contract to realise multi-Tbit/s earth-satellite communications

27 January 2022

The firm will develop next-generation optical amplifiers to enable multi-Tbit/s FSOC links between satellites and ground-stations

Microscope image of a 3D-printed lensed fibre array. Here, green light is collimated into parallel light beams. (Image: Nanoscribe)

Nanoscribe and PHIX announce new partnership during Photonics West

27 January 2022

The firms are collaborating to provide on-fibre printing services to the photonic packaging industry

Jonas Zeuner of VitreaLab, centre, is joined onstage by Jenoptik's Song Yop Chung, left, and Ralf Kuschnereit, right. Credit: SPIE

SPIE StartUp Challenge winners announced

26 January 2022

VitreaLab, with its laser-lit chip that enables more power-efficient displays was announced the winner of the $10,000 top prize

Credit: Radiant

New metrology system at Photonics West to test VR display quality

25 January 2022

Radiant Vision Systems will introduce a patent-pending optical measurement system for ensuring the visual quality of XR (augmented, virtual, and mixed reality) displays at Photonics West

Credit: TriLite Technologies

'World’s smallest' projection display with MEMS mirror demoed

25 January 2022

TriLite, a former SPIE Start-up Challenge finalist, is presenting the 'world's smallest' laser beam scanner at Photonics West this week

Image: Trumpf Photonic Components

Trumpf and Metalenz VCSEL simplifies optics for phones

25 January 2022

Launched at Photonics West, the VCSEL with stable linear polarisation and meta-optics uses only two components to create both flood and structured light illumination

The curved waveguide by Tooz and the colour microLED display engine by JBD enable colour virtual screens in the wearer’s field of view. Credit: Tooz technologies 

Prescription VR glasses with curved waveguide lens unveiled at Photonics West

25 January 2022

Jade Bird Display and Tooz technologies are partnering on prescription smart glasses with full colour virtual screens

Photonics West 2022: Tech launches and news

25 January 2022

Whether you are attending the show or just want an update on the latest developments, technological and product announcements, and industry news - watch this space

Researchers have designed a blueprint for a new laser system that can convert natural sunlight into a coherent laser beam. (Image: Shutterstock/Mrs.Moon)

Bio-inspired laser to be powered by sunlight

20 January 2022

Researchers have designed a blueprint for a new laser system that can convert natural sunlight into a coherent laser beam