SPIE launches $2.5m educational-funding initiative

16 August 2019

The SPIE Endowment Matching Programme will enhance educational capacity in optics and photonics

Thorlabs acquires Raman spectroscopy company

13 August 2019

Coda Devices is a manufacturer of laboratory and portable Raman spectrometers used for non-destructive chemical analysis

UK-India laser programme to target global challenges

12 August 2019

The UK and India will collaborate under a new programme to develop laser technologies for economic and societal impact

Horizon 2020 projects show five-fold leverage on EU investment

12 August 2019

According to a new report, European photonics PPP projects funded under Horizon 2020 have shown five-fold leverage on the money invested by the EU

Terahertz technique to identify sub-surface damage in wood

09 August 2019

The method could catch insect infestation at early stages, helping to prevent further damage to trees and forests

China competition impacts revenues of Coherent, IPG

09 August 2019

Coherent's revenues drop 30 per cent year-on-year, while IPG’s decrease by 12 per cent

Schematic of how an electrode-based ultrasound skin patch would function. (Image: Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering)

Non-invasive ultrasound technique could provide endoscopy alternative

01 August 2019

Researchers have developed a novel ultrasound technique that enables optical images to be taken through biological tissue to image organs within the body

Photonics firms contribute to space projects

31 July 2019

Multiple Photonics firms made announcements in July revealing their collaboration with three different space missions

Ning Wang, the study’s lead author, and Professor Mona Jarrahi working on the terahertz detector setup. (Image: UCLA Engineering)

New terahertz detector could observe galaxies in unprecedented detail

17 July 2019

Researchers have developed an ultra-sensitive light-detecting system that could enable astronomers to view galaxies, stars and planetary systems in unprecedented detail

Iris: Luminar’s perception platform for series production vehicles (Image: Business Wire)

Luminar to launch sub-$1,000 lidar platform on production vehicles in 2022

17 July 2019

The firm claims that Iris is the first sensing platform to exceed the essential requirements needed to deliver level three and level four autonomy to consumers

Nobel Prize winner Gérard Mourou. (Image: Messe München)

World of Photonics Congress attracts Nobel Prize winner and other renowned scientists

12 July 2019

Nobel Prize winner Gérard Mourou, gravitational physicist Carsten Danzmann, quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger and other renowned scientists gave lectures at the Congress

EPIC demonstrates strong presence at Laser World of Photonics

11 July 2019

The organisation hosted three events at the Munich biennial exhibition and had many of its 500 members either exhibiting or walking the halls at the show