MicroLEDs key to enhancing AR, Photonics West panel concludes

26 February 2020

MicroLEDs are the ‘hot, new vital building blocks’ for augmented and mixed reality, attendees of SPIE’s AR VR MR conference heard in February

EPIC to tackle industry 'pain points' in 2020

22 February 2020

Finding investors and recruiting skilled staff are two key areas the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) will focus on this year, says Carlos Lee

UC Berkeley researchers extend perovskite spectral range with blue LED

19 February 2020

Scientists at the University of California (UC), Berkeley have created a blue light-emitting diode (LED).

Fast-track visa brings hope for jobs market after Brexit

16 February 2020

The UK government has announced a new fast-track visa scheme to increase Britain's STEM talent pool after Brexit

Far field pattern of UV-C laser projected onto a fluorescent screen (Image: Asahi Kasei Corp. and Nagoya University)

Scientists develop laser diode that emits 'world's shortest lasing wavelength'

14 February 2020

Scientists have designed a laser diode that emits what they say is the shortest-wavelength ultraviolet light achieved to-date, with potential applications in disinfection, dermatology, and the analysis of gas and DNA

Credit: SLD Laser

Laser lighting firm SLD Laser receives $50m investment

12 February 2020

TDK Ventures has invested $50 million in SLD Laser, a leader in the commercialisation of visible laser light sources

Credit: Fraunhofer ILT 

Laser-drilled filter separates microplastics in water

10 February 2020

The filter, which can sieve particles as small as 10 micrometres, is made using ultrafast lasers

Cailabs & Alphanov to develop ultrafast processes with beam shaping technology

22 January 2020

French light shaping firm Cailabs has announced a partnership with Alphanov, a pulsed laser technology centre, to develop ultrafast laser processes

Silicon nanocrystal production. Credit: University of Texas at Austin

Team finds new way to split and sum photons with silicon

12 December 2019

A team of researchers have found a way to transfer energy between silicon and organic, carbon-based molecules

A diode-pumped alexandrite laser reduces the size and energy requirement of lidar systems by a factor of 100. Credit: Fraunhofer ILT

Compact alexandrite lasers to enable long-range lidar

12 December 2019

A new lidar system with a diode-pumped alexandrite laser will soon enable research into the Earth's upper atmosphere 40km above ground

Tesla files patent for laser glass cleaning system

12 December 2019

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has filed a patent for an automated system capable of detecting and cleaning debris from glass on vehicles and solar panels using pulsed laser beams

Prism Award finalists demonstrate scope of photonics

12 December 2019

Established industry leaders and disruptive startups have been announced as finalists of the SPIE Prism Awards