Wafers with multiple, integrated, nanophotonic chips are necessary to develop a compact system for food analysis in the QPSPEC project. (Photo: Amo)

Research-industry quantum spectrometer to prevent food fraud

11 December 2022

The project ncludes companies Amo, Toptica and Amotronics along with research bodies Laser Zentrum Hannover, the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH), and the German Institute of Food Technology

An artist’s impression of high-dimensional entanglement being robust against noise (Image: Vatshal Srivastav)

Scottish-Swiss team makes quantum communication advance

11 December 2022

Heriot-Watt physicists have developed a way for quantum entanglement to survive and remain robust under even extreme conditions of noise and loss

SPIE Photonex's conference programme covers the latest research in photonics, biophotonics, quantum technologies, lasers, optical technologies, materials analysis, nanotechnology, and thin film coatings. (Image: SPIE)

Vector Photonics presents capabilities of Scotland's photonics cluster to UK Government at Photonex

07 December 2022

The presentation will be attended the Semiconductor Strategy Lead at the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Convergent Photonics can produce compact 100W laser modules, using blue CoS laser diodes from Ams Osram. (Image: Convergent Photonics)

New blue laser modules to enable compact welding solutions

29 November 2022

The modules are being developed using a chip-on-submount package for 445nm laser diodes from Ams Osram

Closeup of a solid-state PIC scanner (Scantinel Photonics)

Scantinel Photonics raises €10m for lidar-on-a-chip

24 November 2022

Scantinel will use the funding to roll out its frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) lidar devices to customers

The Photonics100 by country

21 November 2022

The Photonics100 list this year is clearly dominated by Western nations, with not one of this year’s honorees based south of the equator. In fact, just seven names on the list are from outside of Europe or North America, a figure we very much hope to see expand next year as photonics grows in global importance. The three best represented countries, perhaps understandably given the history and importance of photonics in their economies are the US, Germany and the UK.

The Photonics100 by gender

21 November 2022

Twenty-six of this year’s Photonics100 nominees are women, in roles ranging from PhD candidates to CEOs. While this ratio can be read as encouraging when compared with the proportion of women who responded to SPIE’s 2022 salary survey (21%), it is certainly a figure we hope to see increase in future editions of the list. 

The Photonics100 has launched

17 November 2022

The list of the industry's most innovative people has launched, with subscribers getting early access

EPIC holds its second Meeting of the EPIC PIC Manufacturing Advocacy Group in Basel, Switzerland

EPIC works on European PIC strategy

13 November 2022

Carlos Lee at EPIC highlights work being done to ensure Europe plays a leading role in the manufacturing of Photonic Integrated Circuits

Illustration showing terahertz illumination stimulating quantum dots inside nanoscale holes (shown as illuminated rings). The light is detected by a CMOS sensor. Courtesy of the researchers and MIT

MIT develops terahertz quantum dot camera

13 November 2022

The imager can capture information about the polarisation of terahertz waves in real time

Ametek buys optical solutions provider Navitar

13 November 2022

Optical solutions provider, Navitar, has been bought by Ametek, a manufacturer of electronic instruments

Using ultrafast bursts of low-intensity pulses, researchers are able to add new functionalities inside semiconductor chips. (Image: Andong Wang)

Ultrafast lasers increase functionality of semiconductor chips

08 November 2022

The method could exploit the sub-wafer surface space of chips to achieve higher integration densities and deliver extra functionality