09 August 2018

The company’s photonics business unit achieved revenue of $464.4 million for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2018

08 August 2018

The research group plans to apply the findings to design nanoparticles capable of reproducing similar effects in the optical range

07 August 2018

Fraunhofer FEP scientists have developed a new micropatterning approach for OLEDs on silicon substrates, which could potentially eliminate the use of colour filters and shadow masks and allow full-colour displays to be developed by means of a new process

07 August 2018

Imec scientist Niels Verellen has been awarded a €1.5 million 'Starting Grant' from the European Research Council (ERC) to develop a high-resolution, inexpensive and ultra-compact microscope based on on-chip photonics and CMOS image sensors

03 August 2018

Ford is using body tracking technology consisting of light sensors and cameras to analyse how its car assembly employees move, in order to design less physically stressful working environments.

01 August 2018

Trumpf has acquired a full stake in Teufel Solutions, effective 1 August

27 July 2018

Spectroscopy firm B&W Tek, based in Delaware, USA, has been acquired by Metrohm, a chemical analysis firm based in Switzerland

24 July 2018

A team of international researchers led by engineers at Washington University in St. Louis has developed a tuneable laser capable of producing phonons

23 July 2018

European scientists are using lasers to create light-speed broadband connections and remove the data bottlenecks that could cause the internet to grind to a halt as demand increases

19 July 2018

LIG Nanowise, a developer of super-resolution microscope technology, has announced the completion of its seed funding round, raising £2.6m

18 July 2018

Microscope developer Bruker has acquired JPK Instruments, located in Berlin, Germany, which adds in-depth expertise in live-cell imaging to Bruker's portfolio

11 July 2018

The laser ranging interferometer (LRI) instrument has been successfully switched on aboard the recently launched twin US/German Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) satellites