Uniqorn quantum telecoms EU project kicks off

30 October 2018

A three-year Horizon 2020 Quantum Flagship project, called Uniqorn, has launched that aims to provide enabling photonic technology to accommodate quantum communications

Photonics Leadership Group targets new UK government funding

29 October 2018

At the latest Photonics Leadership Group meeting, held at Photonex, engagement with the UK government's Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund was top of the agenda

Chinese automotive lidar firm wins $45m funding

25 October 2018

Chinese automotive lidar provider RoboSense has received a combined investment of over $45 million – the largest-ever single round of financing for a Chinese lidar company

Scottish photonics consortium awarded grant for novel optics

24 October 2018

A Scottish photonics consortium consisting of PowerPhotonic, Optoscribe, Optocap and Fraunhofer UK Research, has been awarded a grant of £900,000 by Innovate UK to develop novel optics for miniaturised RGB laser sources

Imec and ASML establish joint lab to advance EUV lithography

24 October 2018

Belgian research institute Imec and lithographic system manufacturer ASML have announced the joint establishment of a research lab to advance EUV lithography technology and advance semiconductor scaling towards the post-3nm logic node

IPG lowers Q3 revenue predictions

08 October 2018

IPG Photonics has said it doesn’t expect to reach the 2018 third quarter revenue guidance range it set itself at the end of July 2018

Novanta buys $45.7m Laser Quantum shares

08 October 2018

Novanta has acquired the remaining shares of Laser Quantum for $45.7 million in cash and restricted stock

High-power lunar locating laser to improve satellite navigation

08 October 2018

Described in Optics Letters, the new laser will make it possible to correct calculations of celestial coordinates of the Moon in order to improve the accuracy of satellite navigation

New ultrafast lasers needed for alternative Microsoft cloud storage

08 October 2018

Opportunities could soon be on the horizon for laser manufacturers thanks to a new type of cold storage technology under development by Microsoft Research and the University of Southampton

Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for laser research

03 October 2018

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to three scientists for two groundbreaking discoveries in the field of laser physics: The development of optical tweezers and the invention of chirped pulse amplification

Two new photonics clusters of excellence established in Hanover

01 October 2018

Two new photonics clusters of excellence have been established in Hanover, Germany, following their selection for funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Hollow-core fibre breakthrough could herald 5G networks

28 September 2018

Researchers at the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronic Research Centre (ORC) have developed a new type of hollow-core optical fibre (HCF) that exhibits the world’s lowest optical signal attenuation