Pilot line to lower PIC production costs for SMEs

05 December 2018

A €13.9 million EU project to build a photonic integrated circuit pilot production line for European SMEs has begun in Eindhoven

CEA-Leti extends 300mm wafer line for silicon photonics

05 December 2018

French research institute CEA-Leti has extended its 300mm silicon-based wafer line, opening it up for production of integrated photonic chips and III-V on silicon devices

AEye lidar system tested at 1km range

27 November 2018

US robotic perception company AEye has shown its Idar lidar system is able to detect and track a truck at 1km distance

Japanese researchers build LED into contact lens

23 November 2018

Imec, Ghent University, and Japanese contact lens manufacturer Seed have built a contact lens with an integrated LED

Philips ships one billion VCSELs

23 November 2018

The cumulative milestone comes after two years of significant growth in demand for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, driven by trends such as 3D face recognition in smartphones

US Commerce considers export changes impacting photonics

23 November 2018

The US Department of Commerce is now accepting comments on how to control technologies such as quantum and AI for export. Export control classification changes could have a broad impact on the optics and photonics community

Nano-scale lasers to track cells in body

22 November 2018

A team of researchers has developed tiny lasers that could revolutionise the understanding and treatment of many diseases by enabling doctors to track individual cells

Top lidar firms to be honoured at CES 2019

22 November 2018

Lidar system suppliers, Innoviz and RoboSense, have been honoured by awards at the upcoming 2019 consumer electronics show, CES

Researchers demonstrate UK's first quantum accelerometer for navigation

16 November 2018

A team of researchers has demonstrated the UK’s first commercially viable, transportable and standalone quantum accelerometer that could be used for navigational purposes

II-VI to acquire Finisar for $3.2bn

09 November 2018

US optoelectronic component manufacturer II-VI has announced that it will acquire optical communications firm Finisar for $3.2 billion

New US research network to boost access to high-intensity lasers

07 November 2018

A new US research network called LaserNetUS has been established in order to provide scientists with increased access to the high-intensity laser facilities of nine institutions across the country

Hawaii Supreme Court permits construction of Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea

07 November 2018

The Hawaii Supreme Court has ruled that construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will be permitted to continue on Mauna Kea