The authors suggest that placing UVC light sources at ventilation systems and rooms not in use, without direct optical paths to humans, helps reduce virus propagation. Credit: Nacho Gaubert

Researchers advocate for use of UV light in Covid-19 disinfection

30 June 2020

A study involved experts in the fields of virology, immunology, aerosols, architecture, and physics, analyse possible methods to prevent Sars-Cov-2 propagation indoors

Smart Photonics receives €35m to accelerate photonic chip manufacturing

30 June 2020

The independent foundry for photonic integrated circuits announces a €35m Series C investment from a Dutch consortium led by Innovation Industries

Two dermascope implementations. The USB-camera-based PMSI & PWLI dermascope is shown in (a) and (b). The smartphone-camera-based PMSI and PWLI dermascope is shown in (c), (d), and (e). Credit: SPIE

Smartphone-based dermascope paves way for accessible skin cancer diagnosis

24 June 2020

Leveraging a smartphone camera to image skin lesions improves both the efficiency and efficacy of skin-lesion diagnostics

EU-funded lighting project delivers novel designs

22 June 2020

As part of the Horizon 2020 project Repro-light two novel LED tiles have been developed that offer new lighting possibilities

Metasurface design makes LEDs act more like lasers

16 June 2020

Improved performance is achieved without the external packaging components that are often used to manipulate the light emitted by LEDs

CEA-Leti achieves li-fi data transmission rate of 7.7 Gbps with blue micro-LED

11 June 2020

'This technology has exciting potential for mass-market applications,' said Benoit Miscopein, CEA-Leti research scientist

Point-of-care laser interferometry device being developed to diagnose Covid

11 June 2020

The technology uses laser interferometry to detect proteins such as procalcitonin, which increases in blood during a bacterial infection

Optics Balzers headquarters

Materion to acquire Optics Balzers, combining thin film coatings expertise

10 June 2020

Optics Balzers expects to benefit from Materion's sales strength in the USA, and Materion benefits from Optics Balzers’ market position in Europe

The 3D printer developed at TU Graz melts metal powder using high-performance LED light sources. (Image: TU Graz)

New LED-based powder melting to optimise metal 3D printing

28 May 2020

Researchers at TU Graz in Austria have developed a 3D printing process that uses a high-power LED beam to melt metal powder, instead of a laser

Credit: The Rijksmuseum

Rembrandt’s The Night Watch in 44.8-gigapixel detail

27 May 2020

The composite picture of The Night Watch, made of 528 exposures stitched together digitally, makes it possible to zoom in on individual brushstrokes and even particles of pigment in the painting

Nature-inspired photonic crystals to advance sensors for smart infrastructure

27 May 2020

Scientists have taken inspiration from the biomimicry of butterfly wings and peacock feathers to develop an innovative opal-like material that could be the cornerstone of next generation smart sensors

An illustration of lidar waves. Credit: Johann Riemensberger

PIC method set to speed-up coherent lidar

27 May 2020

In a study published in Nature, researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) demonstrate a new way to speed up a type of lidar engine by using photonic circuits