Press Releases


Scanlab’s new high-dynamics ExcelliShift z-scanner, unlike conventional z-axes, fully eliminates the use of transmissive optical elements

MKS Instruments announced its easy-to-use laser measurement software Ophir StarLab 3.30, that turns a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy display station

Innovations in Optics has introduced the 5500A solid-state source driver/controller to independently drive, control and modulate as many as 18 different solid-state sources

AMS Technologies has added Swiss supplier Onefive’s ultrashort-pulse fibre lasers to its portfolio

In May 2017 the company AT – Automation Technology officially opened its new production hall

A new range of Thulium doped fibre optic components from Coherent | Nufern enables construction of fiber lasers and oscillators operating at ~ 2 µm with higher output power than was previously possible

MKS Instruments has announced the Ophir RM9-Thz radiometer, a low noise, high sensitivity sensor for measuring low power levels of 50nW to 100mW from short pulse or CW lasers in the 0.7 to 10THz wavelength range

Pyreos, the Edinburgh-based passive infra-red sensor developer, has won its first volume contract for its two-chip ezPyro sensor

Excelitas Technologies introduces the Excelitas IR Sensing Video Library

Laser Quantum, has released a number of videos over the previous months demonstrating the robustness of its gem laser

Laser Components is pleased to offer the improved NIR-MX800-LN intensity modulator from iXBlue

Laser Components is proud to present PRONTO-250-PLUS, the latest model in Gentec-EO's PRONTO line of pocket-sized laser probes