Hypertherm has released its MicroEDGE Pro CNC controller with the latest Phoenix Version 9 software. This model delivers customisable performance for a broad range of cutting applications

Techspec goniometers

Edmund Optics has introduced a range of goniometers in its Techspec product line, allowing precise angular adjustment of an object about a fixed point located above the centre of the mounting surface

Integrity VCS

Newport Corporation has introduced its Integrity VCS series vibration control system designed to provide an economical and stable platform for basic photonic research

Ultrafast variable attenuators

Newport Corporation has introduced the first set in a series of ultrafast variable attenuators (UVAs). Compact, robust, and easy-to-use, the ultrafast attenuators are available in manual (UVA-800-M) and motorised (UVA-800-Conex) versions

Firecomms' OptoLock optical transceivers

Laser Components has added Firecomms' OptoLock optical transceivers to its product portfolio. The IDL301T-220 uses a plastic optical fibre (POF) and offers hardened immunity to EMI/EMC interference, as well as excellent ESD performance


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