Firecomms' OptoLock optical transceivers

Laser Components has added Firecomms' OptoLock optical transceivers to its product portfolio. The IDL301T-220 uses a plastic optical fibre (POF) and offers hardened immunity to EMI/EMC interference, as well as excellent ESD performance

SA2 aluminium breadboard

Newport has expanded its offering of low-cost aluminium breadboards and accessories for basic photonic research and OEM optical assemblies

VIBe isolation table

Newport has introduced the VIBe - a new table-top vibration isolation platform designed specifically for sensitive instrumentation and microscopes

NanoCam Sq

4D Technology has introduced its NanoCam Sq dynamic profiler, an instrument for measuring surface roughness on large, polished optics and optical quality surfaces

OptoCooler HV37

Nextreme Thermal Solutions has introduced its OptoCooler HV37 module, the next product in its high-voltage (HV) line of thin-film thermoelectric coolers for photonics applications with larger heat pumping

MediStrip fibre strippers

Laser Components has introduced a fibre stripping tool specifically designed with medical applications in mind, capable of stripping the buffer off all common diameters of optical fibre


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