SC-3 non-MEMS resonant scanner

Electro-Optical Products (EOPC) has developed the SC-3, a miniature electromagnetically-driven moving mirror device that deflects a light beam with a continuous sinusoidal motion

Aspheric lenses for blue laser diodes

LightPath Technologies has introduced a new family of four aspheric lenses optimised for blue wavelength laser diodes. The lenses are designed for laser diodes operating at 405nm or 488nm

FH1 filter holder

Semrock has expanded its line of opto-mechanical mounts with the addition of the FH1 filter holder, which is designed to secure dichroic beamsplitters without affecting flatness, while allowing for angle tuning or other motorised options

GSY glaze for ceramics

Morgan Technical Ceramics has introduced a new yellow glaze (GSY) for ceramic reflectors that improves efficiency of laser systems by filtering out UV and low wavelengths in laser pumping cavities

SC-3 resonant scanner

Electro-Optical Products Corporation (EOPC) has introduced the SC-3, a miniature non-MEMS resonant scanner for use in small imaging systems.

Tuning Fork Resonant Choppers

New York-based EOPC has introduced its Tuning Fork Resonant Choppers, a beam-chopping device for laser applications, featuring a single fixed frequency of between 10Hz and 6kHz


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