Veeco Instruments has introduced its ContourGT surface metrology product family, the company's 10th generation of precision, non-contact, 3D optical surface profilers

Juno USB module

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced its Juno smart USB sensor-to-PC interface, a device which converts a laptop or desktop PC into a laser power/energy meter

Conex control instruments

Newport Corporation has introduced its Conex family of affordable, compact, photonics control instruments, featuring three new devices that connect easily via USB plug-and-play technology

Pulse Slicer

APE's new Pulse Slicer, available in the UK from Photonic Solutions, provides an economical solution for those seeking variable bandwidth or pulse duration from an ultrafast laser

S-2000AN Stabilizer non-magnetic vibration isolator

Newport Corporation has introduced its S-2000AN Stabilizer non-magnetic vibration isolator, designed specifically for applications where the measurement of small magnetic fields would be otherwise impacted by traditional magnetic steel isolators


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