Vue-LV-30 laser diode controller

VueMetrix has released a laser diode controller, the Vue-LV-30, that achieves twice the current output (30A) of the existing all-digital LV-15, with no increase in size and no decrease in performance

Uniblitz DSS Shutter Series

Vincent Associates, the manufacturers of Uniblitz shutters, will release three new DSS Shutter Series products in January 2010, the DSS10, the DSS20, and the DSS25

Debris shields

Optical Surfaces is now able to supply debris shields to protect optics from ancillary debris and shrapnel that may occur when using high power laser beams

DL 100/pro

Toptica has introduced the DL 100/pro, an ultra-stable tunable diode laser now available at all diode wavelengths between 372nm and 1670nm


Through AMS Technologies, VueMetrix has released Vue-TEC-15 and Vue-TEC-24, temperature controllers for simultaneous operation with laser diode controllers


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