Edmund Optics has introduced S-mounts to its line of C- and T-mounts. These eight product lines include lens mounts, tubes, spacers and S-to-C adapters to accommodate a wide variety of end uses


Scitec has released the Radikon, used to provide control depending on the value generated by a detector (e.g. radiation sensor or pressure sensor)

UPF40 coolers and eTEC evaluation kit

Nextreme Thermal Solutions has released a testing and evaluation kit for its compact thermoelectric cooling technology, which is particularly well suited to applications in laser diodes

Cobolt Dual Combiner

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of high performance DPSS lasers, has expanded their product offering for compact visible laser sources by releasing of the Cobolt Dual Combiner

Micro and miniature collimators

Photonic Products has launched a range of laser diode collimators which achieve the technically difficult feat of combining high alignment accuracy with a tiny package


Limo has launched the Lazo-Workstation, developed for a particularly smooth and accurate travel, as required for the development of many process-optimised surface applications, such as photovoltaic and semiconductor applications.

Fibre pigtailed laser diodes

BFi Optilas, through collaboration with Photonic Products, has introduced its latest range of high performance fibre pigtailed and receptacle packaged laser diodes, suitable for OEM applications


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