OptoCooler HV14

Nextreme Thermal Solutions has released the OptoCooler HV14 thermoelectric cooler, the first module in a new class of high voltage and high heat pumping thermoelectric coolers that operate at low currents and are optimised for standard circuitry and power

Fibre coupled isolator

Gooch and Housego has launched a high power, fibre-coupled isolator, which has been developed specifically for the pulsed fibre laser market.

Polishing Equipment

Edmund Optics has released aspheric polishing equipment for the biotech, defence and OEM markets with volume production of both stock and custom aspheres.

Custom lens design and manufacture online

Resolve Optics has launched an online introduction to its OEM design and manufacture service for high tech businesses looking to give their products a competitive edge through incorporating high performance lenses in their designs.

Fibre Coupled AOM

Gooch & Housego has launched its Fibre Coupled AOM designed for use in pulsed fibre laser amplifier systems, for use within applications such as material processing.

Vuzix iWear

MicroEmissive Displays has released a range of video glasses, known as Vuzix iWear, which uses the company’s eyescreen full-colour organic microdisplay to deliver large-screen viewing experiences to its new AV230XL device.


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