VITA module

Veeco Instruments has released the Veeco Instruments Thermal Analysis (VITA) module for its line of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs).

Optical Tweezer range

Elliot Scientific has released the E4100 QPD Force Measurement Optical Tweezer System, which uses a Quadrant Photo Detector (QPD) in conjunction with powerful software to detect and measure the single trap stiffness of a captured particle.


QED Technologies (QED) has released the Q22-2000F, which expands its line of standard MRF polishing systems.

FL593FL USB controller

Wavelength Electronics has released the FL593FL USB controller, which brings its low noise FL500 laser diode driver under USB computer control.

Flat-Top Generator

StockerYale's Flat-Top Generator is a laser beam shaping module that converts a Gaussian beam into a focused, collimated, or diverging flat-top profile.


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