RF drivers for acousto-optics tunable filters

Gooch & Housego has launched two RF drivers to complement its extensive range of acousto-optic tunable filters (AOTFs), providing enhanced performance and extending the overall capabilities of this advanced technology.

First Contact polymer film

Clean and protect nanostructures, precision surfaces and optics composed of glass, fused silica, silicon, crystals, non-linear crystals, metals, Ge, ZnSe, NaCl, KBr, KRS-5.

Web filter and lighting selector

Syngene has released a web-based filter and lighting selector. This service is designed to save researchers using Syngene image analysers valuable time, by helping them choose the right filter and lighting combination for a vast range of dye applications.

Telcordia GR-468-CORE

Bookham has announced the launch of a fully qualified, high-power multimode pump module offering up to 6W of power. The pump module is designed to provide power and reliability.

LP Unalon material and pads

Universal Photonics has released its LP Unalon material and pads, which is a micro-cellular foam elastomer specifically designed for high precision polishing.


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