Sarf series

Laser Components is providing the new Sarf series of Si-APDs for rangefinding systems based on the time-of-flight method (LIDAR).

Stratum 3

MtronPTI has introduced the Stratum 3 precision TCXO/TCVCXO product family. The products feature low phase noise, excellent aging and good g-sensitivity.


The 842-PE handheld power/energy meter from Newport includes a menu-driven Windows CE interface. The tool is easy-to-use and intuitive, allowing successful measurements within minutes.


The 9520 series of digital pulse generators, manufactured by Quantum Composers and distributed by Photonic Solutions, offer high resolution and excellent control over the delays and widths of pulses.

Galvo Scanner

Dilas, the diode laser company, is now offering the Galvo Scanner for use in combination with its top beam quality diode laser systems.

Optical chopper

Spectrum Detector has introduced a general-purpose digital optical chopper for use with its pyroelectric detectors and instruments.


Micropelt has released its smallest thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to date. The MPC-D303 supports a maximum temperature difference of more than 60°C for applications that require a large range of thermal control.


Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the new G10447 series of 10 Gbps GaAs PIN photodiode receivers mounted in ROSA (receiver optical sub-assembly) packages.


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