MEMS wafers

The MEMS devices that are used in millions of sensors, print heads and micro-reactors need high precision substrate materials made of glass. Schott offers high-quality and customised wafers for this purpose.


DR-GA-10-HO, from Photline, is a high-power RF driver amplifier module that offers a unique combination of bandwidth and output voltage. It delivers up to 11V peak-to-peak from 50kHz to above 10GHz.


SensL's HRMTime is one of the first USB high-resolution timing modules on the market. With 27ps timing resolution, this flexible and high-performance module eliminates the need for multiple PCI cards.


To facilitate the integration of liquid lenses, Varioptic has developed eight developer kits aimed at supporting all stages of product development from simple evaluation, integration to prototype development and volume production.


Nextreme has developed an advanced thin film embedded thermoelectric cooler (eTEC) which aims to address the thermal management needs of the electronics, photonics, biotechnology and aerospace industries.


Photonic Products is adding a new visual fibre fault detector to its range of opto-electronic components. Visual fault detectors are used to find faults, check continuity, and identify a fibre.

Aegis Qube

Newport has introduced the Aegis Qube beam routing system. Designed to accommodate almost any setup, this system helps protect users from exposure to harmful laser or light source output.


Intense has released the HPD7404 laser driver system, designed for current control and temperature compensation of the company's high-power free space or fibered visible laser components.


Laser Components is distributing Nd:GdVO4 crystals without a laser source. It is an excellent laser crystal for diode-pumped lasers, exhibiting a high gain, low threshold and high absorption coefficients at pumping wavelengths.


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