Aegis Qube

Newport has introduced the Aegis Qube beam routing system. Designed to accommodate almost any setup, this system helps protect users from exposure to harmful laser or light source output.


Intense has released the HPD7404 laser driver system, designed for current control and temperature compensation of the company's high-power free space or fibered visible laser components.


Laser Components is distributing Nd:GdVO4 crystals without a laser source. It is an excellent laser crystal for diode-pumped lasers, exhibiting a high gain, low threshold and high absorption coefficients at pumping wavelengths.


HGH Systemes Infrarouges is launching a new compact high-temperature cavity blackbody. This small infrared reference source of 12.5mm diameter aperture goes up to temperatures of 600°C temperature.


Pacer has introduced new light-to-digital converters from TAOS, which are specifically designed to extend the battery-life of display panels, and to provide optimum viewing in diverse lighting conditions.


The Silhouette from Coherent is a standalone pulse controller that can optimise results from a wide variety of ultrafast laser applications, including molecular dynamics research and optimisation of non-linear processes.

Polarisation controller

Phoenix Photonics has launched an eight-channel polarisation controller, based on its popular range of electronically variable all-fibre waveplates. The instrument offers both conventional manual polarisation control and analogue voltage control.


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