NIR-MPX-LN-02 phase modulator

Laser components has released the NIR-MPX-LN-02 phase modulator, the latest addition to the NIR-MPX-LN 1000nm band phase modulators series that offers a range starting at 100MHz, to 2GHz, then 5GHz, and 10GHz.

DLC Pro controller

Toptica has released the DLC Pro, a high-end laser controller for the company's tunable diode laser DL Pro

CL0-MG210 optical pen

Stil has introduced the CL0-MG210 optical pen with a depth-of-field of 70um, a working distance of 2.6mm and an NA of approximately 0.67

AXUV photodiodes

Opto Diode, a division of ITW and a member of the ITW Photonics Group, has released the second in the AXUV series of multi-element photodiodes

Optical thin film coatings

Deposition Sciences, a manufacturer of thin film optical coatings, has announced an expanded family of optical thin film coatings including antireflection coatings, hot and cold mirrors, front-surface mirrors, and IR coatings for commercial and industrial


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