VG20 filter

Schott's 1mm thin band-pass filter VG20 that shows strong absorption in the near infrared (NIR) range is now available.


The MK-350 spectro-radiometer was conceived by UPRtek as a cost-effective, mobile precision tool to measure, analyse and store the most important photometric parameters in the specification and qualification of LED, OLED and EL lamps and other luminaries

Non-descanned detection

PicoQuant, a specialist in single photon counting applications, is launching a new type of non-descanned detection for its FLIM and FCS upgrade kit for laser scanning microscopes

PG Series breadboards

Newport, a provider of laser and photonic solutions, has introduced precision-grade optical breadboards with patented modal damping to improve dynamic performance

QExtra Technology

Horiba Scientific has introduced QExtra Technology for back-illuminated deep depleted CCD detectors, an anti-reflective multilayer coating that is aimed at significantly improving the quantum efficiency over a broad spectral range


Raylase has announced the Superscan-II enhanced, the company's latest model in its family of two-axis laser deflection units

StarFemto FX

Three years after introducing ultrashort-pulse lasers in medical manufacturing, Rofin gas released its next-generation femtosecond laser source


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