ID Quantique is launching a new Time to Digital Converter (TDC) on the international market, the id800-TDC, which is an 8-channel TDC


The new CoolLine option from Trumpf is a cooling device that keeps temperatures constant by spraying a fine water mist around the point of cut

Tunics T100S-HP/CL

Yenista Optics is introducing a new High Power tunable laser, the Tunics T100S-HP/CL, and new tunable filters with wide bandwidth adjustment ranges, the XTM-50/W and the XTA-50/W


A new series of adapters, simplifying integration of c-mount cMOS and CCD cameras with McPherson high-performance spectrometers, is now available

Techspec High Energy Laser Line Polarisers

Edmund Optics' Techspec High Energy Laser Line Polarisers combine high laser damage thresholds (2J/cm2, 10ns at 532nm) with high extinction ratios of 10,000:1 for optimal performance in a wide range of laser applications

IR conversion screens

Laser Components is now offering its infrared (IR) conversion screens that come with 50 x 50mm and 30 x 30mm active areas with the LDT-1064C and LDT-1064CL models, respectively

Clear Edge Picomotor Mount

Newport brand, New Focus, has introduced the Clear Edge Picomotor Mount 8821, a mirror mount that features two picomotor actuators for added precision and stability

Model ERS2010

Newport has introduced the Earthquake Restraint System, the Model ERS2010, designed to restrict the motion of pneumatically-isolated optical table tops during seismic activity


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