SDM Components

Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based optical fibre components specialist, will launch a new range of fibre spatial mode control components, complementing its polarisation mode control range, at the OFC show in California

MBC-AN series

Photline Technologies is introducing the MBC-AN series, a new family of modulator bias controllers designed for analogue applications


The PowerSpectrum-PSR is an all fibre-based chromatic dispersion management component that allows precise control of the pulses duration of picosecond and femtosecond lasers


ID Quantique is launching a new Time to Digital Converter (TDC) on the international market, the id800-TDC, which is an 8-channel TDC


The new CoolLine option from Trumpf is a cooling device that keeps temperatures constant by spraying a fine water mist around the point of cut

Tunics T100S-HP/CL

Yenista Optics is introducing a new High Power tunable laser, the Tunics T100S-HP/CL, and new tunable filters with wide bandwidth adjustment ranges, the XTM-50/W and the XTA-50/W


A new series of adapters, simplifying integration of c-mount cMOS and CCD cameras with McPherson high-performance spectrometers, is now available

Techspec High Energy Laser Line Polarisers

Edmund Optics' Techspec High Energy Laser Line Polarisers combine high laser damage thresholds (2J/cm2, 10ns at 532nm) with high extinction ratios of 10,000:1 for optimal performance in a wide range of laser applications


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