Amplifiers and power supplies

Wide trim power modules

Primarily aimed at designers of laser systems using intense pulsed light (IPL), Luso Electronics has announced a new cost-effective range of power modules

Chop-In Opus 1

Boston Electronics is currently demonstrating its new Chop-In Opus 1 digital dual-phase lock-in amplifier and phase-locked optical chopper combination at Photonics West booth 814

Wavelength Electronics, Inc.

Wavelength Electronics designs and manufactures robust laser diode drivers and temperature controllers for OEM and research. Our ultrastable, high precision components are used widely in a variety of optical applications.


The Opera-F is a new optical parametric amplifier (OPA) from Coherent that delivers wide tuning, high conversion efficiency, and sub-100fs pulse duration when pumped by the company's Monaco ytterbium ultrafast amplifier


Macom Technology Solutions, a supplier of radio-frequency, microwave, millimetre wave and photonic products, has introduced the MAAP-011232, a two-stage, 1W driver amplifier featuring gain shut off and operating from 100MHz to 3GHz

671MX amplifier

The new McPherson 671MX amplifier is a high vacuum compatible, current-to-voltage converting amplifier developed for use with vacuum ultraviolet silicon photodiodes

Frequency doubling module

Alphanov and Muquans have developed a frequency doubling module that generate several watts in regions of the visible spectrum previously difficult to reach

C/B 4500 Series

Schaefer, Inc. introduces the C/B 4500 Series of 6U DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules and battery chargers that delivers up to 1600W of output power


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