Amplifiers and power supplies

Frequency doubling module

Alphanov and Muquans have developed a frequency doubling module that generate several watts in regions of the visible spectrum previously difficult to reach

C/B 4500 Series

Schaefer, Inc. introduces the C/B 4500 Series of 6U DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules and battery chargers that delivers up to 1600W of output power

Model 7643

The McPherson high-voltage power supply series now features a 10,000 volt configuration, the company has announced

Solstice Ace

Spectra-Physics introduces a family of one-box, ultrafast amplifiers with the industry's highest energy and power

Solstice Ace amplifier outputs

Spectra-Physics introduces a line of high energy, one-box, ultrafast amplifier products. The Solstice Ace features high energy of >6mJ and high power of >7W with <35 and <120fs pulse width configurations and 1 to10kHz capability

Optical amplifier EDFA

iPhysicist, a technological R&D company which specialises in developing electro-optical systems, has developed an optical amplifier EDFA

E-836 piezo amplifier

Physik Instrumente has introduced the E-836 piezo amplifier, a cost-efficient solution for the dynamic operation of PICMA multilayer actuators


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