Amplifiers and power supplies

Amplifier model A50-A

Midaz DPSS air-cooled amplifier model A50-A has been used by a manufacturer of microchip lasers to amplify the laser's output power


Menlo Systems has launched o-Light, a compact version of its Yb:doped femtosecond fibre oscilllator, measuring just 23.4 x 15 x 9.6cm

SuperK Varia

The SuperK Varia from NKT Photonics, and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Photonic Solutions, is a computer-controlled variable bandwidth filter that effectively turns a supercontinuum white light source into a powerful single-line laser

Trek Model PZD700A

Trek, a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage power amplifiers and high-performance electrostatic instrumentation, has released a high voltage power amplifier, Trek Model PZD700A

Model 7640 high voltage power supply series

McPherson, a manufacturer of instruments and optical systems that measure and tune wavelengths of light for spectroscopy, has released a highly regulated, low noise, continuously adjustable high voltage power supply for industrial and scientific research

Low-noise lock-in amplifier

Distributor Laser Components has introduced a low-noise lock-in amplifier manufactured by Femto Messtechnik, featuring a Eurocard 19-inch plug-in board design

NIR-MPX800 series

Laser Components has introduced the NIR-MPX800 series, which complements the family of phase modulators from Photline

Model 762 seed laser diode driver

Analog Modules has released an OEM seed laser diode driver, Model 762, from AMI. The programmable drivers are ideal for driving 14-pin butterfly packaged laser diode modules


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