Amplifiers and power supplies

Midaz laser amplifiers

Midaz Lasers has introduced a range of laser amplifier modules for amplification of CW and pulsed seed lasers, featuring extremely high gain at 1,064nm

SC-LIA-S multi-channel lock-in amplifier

UK-based distributor Laser Components has introduced a new lock-in amplifier from German manufacturer Femto Messtechnik, a standard 19-inch rack system with options including 50-120Hz frequency range and 5-10kHz working frequency

Femtosource Rainbow oscillator

Femtolasers has introduced the Femotosource Rainbow ultrafast oscillator, which offers Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilised pulses, as well as multiple simultaneous outputs

PCX-7451 quasi-CW laser diode driver

Alrad has introduced its PCX-7451 225-Amp quasi-CW laser diode driver. The PCX-7451 is an air-cooled, high power pulsed current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays


OptiSwitch Technology Corporation (OTC) has introduced a new short-pulsed diode driver for rangefinding, remote sensing and defence and security applications

TA-7600 semiconductor tapered amplifier

Laser 2000 has introduced the TA-7600 semiconductor tapered amplifier manufactured by New Focus. The TA-7600 is capable of faithfully amplifying tunable single-frequency light from various sources

Inspire OPO

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division introduces the Inspire Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO), a tunable, ultrafast laser source for advanced imaging and spectroscopy applications


Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division introduces the first ultrafast amplifier system with optimized dual outputs for simultaneous high-energy and time-resolved experiments


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