Amplifiers and power supplies

Chameleon OPO

The new compact Chameleon OPO (Optical Parametric Oscillator) is an alignment-free, fully automated and computer-controlled OPO, which shows flexibility in pump and OPO output wavelengths at the same time.

Unison ultrafast amplifier

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers division has introduced the first ultrafast amplifier system with optimised dual outputs for simultaneous high-energy and time-resolved experiments


Femto Messtechnik has introduced a new sub-femto current amplifier, the DDPCA-300, which offers a wide gain range that can be set manually or by remote interface

UC-Industrial series

High Q Laser has released a series of ultra compact pico- and femtosecond regenerative amplifiers picoRegen UC-Industrial and femtoRegen UC-Industrial, especially designed to meet industrial demands.

Palitra Series

Quantronix has released its Palitra Series of ultra-fast Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPAs).


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