Amplifiers and power supplies


High Q Laser has introduced the ultra compact femtoRegen UC OEM, a femtosecond regenerative amplifier that delivers 2W power at a 100kHz repetition rate with 400fs pulse duration.

DA/DE/APD power supplies

The DA and DE Series from SDS deliver up to 6W of power from 1-6kV with input voltages between 15 and 24V. The APD Series provides up to 100mW of power from 200-500V with an input voltage 5V.

Legend Elite Duo

The new Legend Elite Duo from Coherent is an integrated ultrafast amplifier that delivers pulse energies over 6mJ at a 1kHz repetition rate.

WCDMA handset power amplifier

Mitsubishi Electric has released a switchable power amplifier for WCDMA handsets that increases the talk time while reducing the number of components on the BOM.


The Odin-II multi-pass amplifier with cryogenically cooled add-on amplifier from Quantronix, and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a commercial-grade modular Ti:sapphire amplifier system.


Newport's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has introduced its new Solstice one-box ultrafast amplifier. It has an output average power of more than 2.5W at 1 or 5kHz.

OPerA Solo

Coherent is offering a fully integrated optical parametric amplifier that provides simple access to tuneable ultrafast pulses from wavelengths in the UV through to the mid-IR.


Femto Messtechnik is now offering the transimpedance amplifier DLPCA-200 for measuring currents in the sub-pico to milli-Ampere range. It offers a maximum bandwidth of 500kHz.


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