Analysis, test and measurement


Yelo has launched a 5000-channel laser diode burn-in and life test system

MarSurf CM

Mahr has introduced the MarSurf CM series of Optical 3D surface metrology systems

SpectralLED RS-7-2

Gamma Scientific has released the SpectralLED RS-7-2 platform for applications requiring flat-field calibration

MarSurf CD

Mahr, a provider of dimensional metrology solutions, has introduced the first in new a line of surface finish and contour measurement systems, the MarSurf contour drive (CD) series


Techsil has launched a new UV meter from UV curing equipment specialists, Hönle. The UV-Meter measures intensity and dose of UV and UV-LED curing units and systems

Centauri portable energy meter

MKS Instruments announced the Ophir Centauri at Photonics West, a compact, portable laser power/energy meter for measurement of laser performance over time

BTS256-EF flicker test system

With the BTS256-EF, Gigahertz-Optik, a measuring device manufacturer, offers a universal measuring device for the determination of all relevant light parameters in general lighting

WaveGo pocket-sized light measurement system

The WaveGo from Wave Illumination offers simple yet accurate measurement for characterisation of light sources. Paired with a smartphone app, the handheld device measures absolute irradiance, lux, colour temperature, colour rendering, TM30, Melanopic lux, and PAR


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