Analysis, test and measurement

AccuFiz Fizeau

4D Technology Corporation, manufacturer of optical metrology systems, has introduced its newly improved AccuFiz compact laser interferometer for accurate, repeatable measurement of surface shape and transmitted wavefront quality

Atomic Force Microscopy

Laser Components' partner Optometrics Corporation recently added advanced scanning Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) within their metrology capabilities, enabling new benchmarks for nano-scale measurement, characterisation, and manipulation for diffraction gr


4D Technology Corporation, manufacturer of optical metrology systems, has introduced the FlexCam metrology module

S mart

Sensofar Metrology has released a new high-resolution 3D optical sensor system, the S mart. The new system is ideally suited for integration into automated production systems, in particular for inline process measurement and process control tasks

Zeiss O-Select

The new Zeiss O-Select optical measuring system closes gaps in the quality assurance process. Thanks to its high level of automation and ease of use, 2D measurements can be completed quickly and reproducibly

Gray laser power detectors

greenTEG has launched a new product line for high-precision laser power measurements.This novel gRAY laser power detectors enable broadband wavelength independent measurements in the ultra-violet through visible and out to the mid-infrared range


Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical inspection equipment, will demonstrate its BF-3Di automated optical inspection system at SMT Hybrid Packaging


Taylor Hobson has released its new CCI MP-L, based on modern CCI interferometry technology. With 1024 x 1024 pixel array, it can provide nanometre resolution and a large FOV

771 series

Acal BFi, the European leader in advanced technology solutions, are pleased to introduce to the European market the new, high resolution, 771 series laser spectrum analyser from Bristol Instruments, a leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation

Optical NanoGauge C13027

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new film thickness measurement system, the Optical NanoGauge C13027, which offers easier integration into inline manufacturing equipment thanks to its reduced size and compatibility with automation controllers


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