Analysis, test and measurement

310STS tunable source system

McPherson has launched a 310STS tunable source system. The model has efficient grazing incidence optics with light sources that work between 1nm and 120nm

AMS Goniophotometers

Instrument Systems, a company for light measurement systems, has introduced a new goniophotometer generation under the Optronik Line label

GL Opti Sphere 2000

GL Optic has developed the GL Opti Sphere 2000 (GLS 2000), which has an internal diameter of 2,000mm and an opening aperture of 700mm

100K-W laser power meter

Ophir Photonics has released the 100K-W laser power meter, the newest addition to the company's line of very high power laser sensors


Ophir Photonics has released BeamWatch, a non-contact, focus spot size and position monitor for high power YAG and fibre lasers

Spectrophotometer certification

Ceram, the international materials technology company has collaborated with CyberChrome to create a package which facilitates the monitoring and certification of spectrophotometers


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