Analysis, test and measurement

Thin Film Measurement System

StellarNet has launched a low-cost line of non-contact thin film measurement systems that come complete with the necessary instrumentation and sofware

ModCon mode controller

Arden Photonics is distributing the ModCon mode controller, which meets the requirements of IEC 61280-4-1 standard, which gives new target and tolerance values for the source modal launch conditions required to measure loss in installed cable plant

HydraHarp 400

PicoQuant has introduced an extended version of HydraHarp 400, its multichannel picosecond event timer and time-correlated single photon counting system that can now accomodate up to eight independent input channels


Avantes has introduced the AvaSphere-50-LS-HAL, an integrating sphere that can be used for reflection measurements with diffuse halogen light as illumination and a direct collimated SMA measurement port for reflection signal sampling to connect to AvaSpec

NeoFox phase measurement system

Ocean Optics has released its NeoFox phase measurement system for fluorescence-based optical sensing. NeoFox is a bench-top device for the measurement of fluorescence lifetime, phase and intensity

VF-20 Trio

Arden Photonics has launched the VF-20 Trio, an interferometer designed to produce high quality images of the ends of optical fibres enabling estimation of quality and flatness.

DWC beam profiler

PhaseView has introduced the smart, all-in-one, compact DWC beam profiler, which performs beam propagation analysis in one shot.

µ-Joule Meter

The µ-Joule Meter, from LTB Lasertechnik Berlin, is an energy measuring module for pulsed lasers that can be used for measuring very small pulse energies (30nJ–250µJ) and it is characterised by a very low background noise limit of 6nJ


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