Analysis, test and measurement

TOP 200 Telescopic Optical Probe

Instrument Systems' telescopic optical probe, the TOP 200, offers improved precision thanks to multi-mode mixing. It is suitable for display measurement applications


Ophir-Spiricon has released BeamGage, which is its next generation of laser beam analysis systems.

Oriel Sol3A solar simulators

Newport Corporation has released its Oriel Sol3A solar simulators, the latest addition to its family of photovoltaic test and measurement solutions.

LBS-300 Beam Samplers

Ophir-Spiricon has launched the LBS-300 Beam Samplers, a family of high accuracy laser beam attenuators that combine a compact, portable design with small beam diameters and high power ranges.

Galvo Scanner

Dilas has released a galvo scanner with an integrated pyrometer, which can be used with the Dilas Compact Series product range.


Trioptics has released its WaveMaster system, which provides real time wave front measurement and analysis of spherical and aspheric single lenses as well as complete objectives using the Shack-Hartmann Sensor technology.


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