Analysis, test and measurement

Galvo Scanner with Integrated Pyrometer

Dilas Industrial Laser Systems has released a galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer to be used along with the Compact Series product line, a fibre-coupled, turnkey diode laser system with output powers up to 500W.

Cryogenic Probe Station range

Lake Shore Cryotronics has released the latest range of cryogenic micro-manipulated probe stations. The line will be distributed by Elliot Scientific.

Spectral test stations

McPherson has introduced spectral test stations for deep ultraviolet excited, real-time measurements for rare earth and nano phosphors, luminescent materials for white LEDs, displays, general lighting and scintillator applications.

Brontes Colorimeter

Ocean Optics has partnered with Admesy to release the Brontes Colorimeter for colour measurement in online applications.


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