Analysis, test and measurement

II-VI-CO2-58 laser beam analyser

Laser Lines has introduced the II-VI-CO2-58 industrial laser beam analyser from Ophir-Spiricon. The II-VI-CO2-58 is a laser beam profiling system that enables the quantitative measurement and viewing of high power CO2 beams.

LSV laser-interferometric vibrometer

The LSV laser-interferometric vibrometer from SIOS Messtechnik GmbH, supplied in the UK by Armstrong Optical, offers accurate, non-contact determination of temporal changes in the positions of objects or surfaces of arbitrary roughness.

Deuterium/Tungsten light source

StellarNet has announced a new, miniature Deuterium/Tungsten light source covering the 200-1700nm range in a single unit. Its high output power enables use for reflectance measurements, where lower power light sources (like SL5-DH) are too weak.

FizCam 3000

Laser Physics has launched the FizCam 3000 from 4D Technology, a Fizeau interferometer developed for accurate measurement of meter-class optics and general optical elements.

PR 4400 Precision Reflectometer

Lambda Photometrics has released the PR 4400 Precision Reflectometer from Luna Technologies. This portable, user-friendly instrument mesasures reflections as a function of distance in a fibre component or assembly.

SSI-A Metrology tool

QED Technologies and Subaperture Stitching Interferometry (SSI) have released the SSI-A, which is a metrology tool for aspheres.


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