Analysis, test and measurement

Metrology for surface inspection

Armstrong Optical can offer 3D metrology systems ranging from white light interferometry systems with sub-nanometre resolution through add-on 3D analysis systems for microscopes to scanning point systems for large free-form components.

PM-PTS 3.0

Radiant Imaging has released the third generation of its Production Test Sequencer (PM-PTS) for production line testing and calibration of all types of displays, including LCD, plasma, and front and rear projection systems.

USB Interface for the NanoScan

Photon has released a USB interface for its NanoScan beam profiler. This provides a significant level of portability with Photon NanoScan, and is especially attractive for field service applications.

BA150 Industrial Laser BeamAnalyzer

Available through Laser Lines, Ophir-Spiricon's BA150 Industrial Laser BeamAnalyzer is a laser beam profiling system that analyses key laser parameters in order to maintain peak performance of precision material processing lasers.

Scatter and Appearance Imaging Sphere

Radiant Imaging's Scatter and Appearance Imaging Sphere (IS-SA) utilises scattered light measurement to characterise surface roughness, imperfections and diffusion properties in a wide range of reflective surfaces and transmissive films.

Auto SE

Jobin Yvon has released the Auto SE, a thin film measurement tool that allows full automatic analysis of thin film samples with simple push button operation.


The BSR112 is a miniature Spectral Irradiance Meter designed for field, industrial, and lab applications.


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