Analysis, test and measurement

Fabry-Perot etalons

Optical Surfaces has released Fabry-Perot etalons in a range of shapes and sizes up to 150mm in diameter with matching accuracies to lambda /300

High Precision USAF Test Chart

Recognising the need for a higher resolution USAF 1951 test chart, Pyser-SGI has just introduced four new versions with detail down to Group 9, Element 3.

NewView 7000-series

Zygo has announced its next-generation of 3D Optical Profilers, the NewView 7000-series. These products are designed for rapid, precise, and quantitative surface metrology for the production and scientific research markets.

Trap radiometers and joulemeters

Spectrum Detector has launched its Trap Series of digital radiometers and joulemeters, which can achieve a measurement uncertainty of less than 1 per cent on multiple points across the spectrum.


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