Analysis, test and measurement

Optical Fibre Length Meter

AMS Technologies has introduced OZ Optics' Optical Fibre Length Meter (OFLM). The OFLM quickly and accurately measures lengths of multimode, singlemode and polarisation maintaining fibres.


Armstrong Optical is distributing the SP-S non-contact vibrometer system from SIOS Messtechnik. The system can measure vibrations from 0Hz to ~1MHz and is suitable for automotive vibration testing.


4D Technology has expanded its line of laser interferometer upgrade kits to include the MiniFIZ from ADE Phase Shift (a division of KLA-Tencor).


Promis Electro Optics has introduced the Brontes high-precision colorimeter, manufactured by Admesy, for high-speed measurement on the production line.

Spectral Test Station

McPherson's new Spectral Test Station provides a 100mm diameter collimated and wavelength variable monochromatic light beam to illuminate, spectrally calibrate and document radiometric sensitivity and response characteristics of spectral and hyper-spectra

PhaseCam 5031

The PhaseCam 5030 from 4D Technology is an interferometer to measure optics for terrestrial and space-based telescopes. It uses dynamic interferometry to acquire all measurement information in a single exposure.

SC 6000

Labsphere has launched the SC 6000 - a programmable radiometer and photometer that measures luminous and radiant flux, luminance, radiance, intensity and irradiance.

Intellium PDI

ESDI has launched a new vibration insensitive point-diffraction interferometer. The Intellium PDI is based on ESDI’s standard point-diffraction interferometer design, incorporating the patented HyperPhase module to replace the standard video camera.

2D Colour Analyzer CA-2000

A new instrument for high-accuracy two-dimensional measurements of the colour distribution and uniformity of all kinds of light-emitting devices, including various display devices


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