Analysis, test and measurement

FlexOptometer radiometer and photometer

Gamma Scientific has released its high-performance flexOptometer, a radiometer/photometer designed to operate as either a standalone instrument or a computer-controlled, full-function photometric, radiometric or fibre optic measurement tool.


Elliot Scientific is distributing Femtolasers' newly updated turnkey Ti:S ultrafast oscillator - the Integral. An improved laser cavity increases the power levels to 400mW at low noise levels, compared to 150mW from the previous generation.


Lasermet has launched the new ADM-1000 advanced laser power meter. With excellent rise times, the instrument offers excellent performance combined with the ease of using a hand-held power meter.

Lambda UV/Vis

PerkinElmer has made choosing the right Lambda UV/Vis spectrophotometer simpler by providing application-specific systems and associated technical information online.

Optical Fibre Length Meter

AMS Technologies has introduced OZ Optics' Optical Fibre Length Meter (OFLM). The OFLM quickly and accurately measures lengths of multimode, singlemode and polarisation maintaining fibres.


Armstrong Optical is distributing the SP-S non-contact vibrometer system from SIOS Messtechnik. The system can measure vibrations from 0Hz to ~1MHz and is suitable for automotive vibration testing.


4D Technology has expanded its line of laser interferometer upgrade kits to include the MiniFIZ from ADE Phase Shift (a division of KLA-Tencor).


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