Analysis, test and measurement


Promis Electro Optics has introduced the Brontes high-precision colorimeter, manufactured by Admesy, for high-speed measurement on the production line.

Spectral Test Station

McPherson's new Spectral Test Station provides a 100mm diameter collimated and wavelength variable monochromatic light beam to illuminate, spectrally calibrate and document radiometric sensitivity and response characteristics of spectral and hyper-spectra

PhaseCam 5031

The PhaseCam 5030 from 4D Technology is an interferometer to measure optics for terrestrial and space-based telescopes. It uses dynamic interferometry to acquire all measurement information in a single exposure.

SC 6000

Labsphere has launched the SC 6000 - a programmable radiometer and photometer that measures luminous and radiant flux, luminance, radiance, intensity and irradiance.

Intellium PDI

ESDI has launched a new vibration insensitive point-diffraction interferometer. The Intellium PDI is based on ESDI’s standard point-diffraction interferometer design, incorporating the patented HyperPhase module to replace the standard video camera.

2D Colour Analyzer CA-2000

A new instrument for high-accuracy two-dimensional measurements of the colour distribution and uniformity of all kinds of light-emitting devices, including various display devices

Colour Analyzer CA-100plus

The colour analyzer CA-100plus has set the standards for white balancing and colour control on CRT and plasma monitors for computer and TV displays.

Spectroradiometer CS-2000

Top of the line portable spectroradiometer for high-speed measurements of any kind of light source, fulfilling highest requirements in accuracy and reliability levels.


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