Analysis, test and measurement


The Spec-El-2000 is a thin film measurement system, featuring simple placement of the sample and one-button operation.


Ophir-Spiricon has made major upgrades of its beam propagation analyser. The upgrades include: a compact size of almost one-half of its predecessor, reports measurements up to 2-3x faster, and increased robustness and reliability.

Optical Backscatter Reflectometer 4400

With micrometer spatial resolution, an increased range up to 2km, sensitivity of -130dB, integrated distributed sensing capability and a compact design, Lambda Photometric's new OBR 4400 is perfect for optical time domain reflectometry.


Spectrum Detector has released a family of USB-powered, digital energy meters that feature single and two channel LabView Applications Software for laser energy measurements and experiments.


The new Comet-IPL, from Ophir Optronics and distributed by BFI Optilas, is specifically designed for measuring energy of IPL (Intense Pulsed light) sources simply and accurately.

MLED test and measurement system

Edmund Optics has introduced an MLED modular LED test and measurement system. Available in three configurations for discrete LEDs, arrays, and assemblies, the systems offer complete spectral measurements in compliance with CIE-127 design requirements.

ModeScan Model 1780

Photon announces a new beam profiling system to measure the M2 beam propagation ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters in real time.

SOLO 2 and UNO

The new SOLO 2 laser energy and power meter is more ergonomically shaped with a wide screen 2 times bigger than the SOLO-PE, and a transfer rate 20 times faster.


The new USBI-4 Smart Head to PC Interface from Ophir Optronics enables you to turn your PC or laptop into a fully fledged Ophir multi-channel laser power/energy meter.


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