Analysis, test and measurement

SOLO 2 and UNO

The new SOLO 2 laser energy and power meter is more ergonomically shaped with a wide screen 2 times bigger than the SOLO-PE, and a transfer rate 20 times faster.


The new USBI-4 Smart Head to PC Interface from Ophir Optronics enables you to turn your PC or laptop into a fully fledged Ophir multi-channel laser power/energy meter.


Spiricon has released a laser beam analyser, LBA-USB, which incorporates a series of USB 2.0 CCD cameras for laser beam profiling.


Scitec Instruments has introduced a small rugged automated fibre optic loss test set that characterises singlemode fibre links at wavelengths of 1310, 1490 and 1550nm.

UNO and SOLO 2

Lambda Photometrics has announced the latest additions to the Gentec-EO monitor family, with improved ergonomic design: the SOLO 2 and the UNO laser energy power meters.

TAOS light-to-frequency converter

Pacer is distributing the new TAOS light-to-frequency converter evaluation module. The module enables hands-on assessment of the advantages and trade-offs of the TAOS light-to-frequency converter range with a single tool.


Quantum Design has introduced its first portable cryogen-free cryocooler-based vibrating sample magnetometer with the new VersaLab product line, distributed by Elliot Scientific, with a sensitivity of better than 1E-6 emu/rt-Hz.


Ocean Optics' Mikropack office has introduced a compact, easy-to-use, benchtop spectroscopic ellipsometer for thin film measurement. The SpecEL-2000-VIS is ideal for semi-transparent flat samples such as wafers and glass plates.


Lasermet has launched a laser power meter and a range of detector heads. The LPM-1000 is a digital handheld scope, which will automatically detect any head plugged into it.


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