Analysis, test and measurement


Spiricon has released a laser beam analyser, LBA-USB, which incorporates a series of USB 2.0 CCD cameras for laser beam profiling.


Scitec Instruments has introduced a small rugged automated fibre optic loss test set that characterises singlemode fibre links at wavelengths of 1310, 1490 and 1550nm.

UNO and SOLO 2

Lambda Photometrics has announced the latest additions to the Gentec-EO monitor family, with improved ergonomic design: the SOLO 2 and the UNO laser energy power meters.

TAOS light-to-frequency converter

Pacer is distributing the new TAOS light-to-frequency converter evaluation module. The module enables hands-on assessment of the advantages and trade-offs of the TAOS light-to-frequency converter range with a single tool.


Quantum Design has introduced its first portable cryogen-free cryocooler-based vibrating sample magnetometer with the new VersaLab product line, distributed by Elliot Scientific, with a sensitivity of better than 1E-6 emu/rt-Hz.


Ocean Optics' Mikropack office has introduced a compact, easy-to-use, benchtop spectroscopic ellipsometer for thin film measurement. The SpecEL-2000-VIS is ideal for semi-transparent flat samples such as wafers and glass plates.


Lasermet has launched a laser power meter and a range of detector heads. The LPM-1000 is a digital handheld scope, which will automatically detect any head plugged into it.

FireWire BeamPro

Photon Inc has launched the FireWire BeamPro, a beam profiler. Since a frame grabber card is not required for this system, it is easily moved between different laptop and desktop computers.


Lambda Photometrics has introduced the M-2x series of high-precision, motorised linear actuators from PI. The actuators have been designed for applications requiring high resolution, high moving force and high speed.

5mW laser diodes

Photonic Products has also introduced two new 635nm, 5mW laser diodes from Opnext, with decreased operating current resulting in extended battery lifetime and lower power consumption.


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