Analysis, test and measurement

FireWire BeamPro

Photon Inc has launched the FireWire BeamPro, a beam profiler. Since a frame grabber card is not required for this system, it is easily moved between different laptop and desktop computers.


Lambda Photometrics has introduced the M-2x series of high-precision, motorised linear actuators from PI. The actuators have been designed for applications requiring high resolution, high moving force and high speed.

5mW laser diodes

Photonic Products has also introduced two new 635nm, 5mW laser diodes from Opnext, with decreased operating current resulting in extended battery lifetime and lower power consumption.

DL-LS1158 laser diode

Photonic Products has introduced a high visibility, short wavelength laser diode, which offers a very high optical power output of 40mW CW in a 9mm package.

MiniRam NIR Raman spectrometer

Pacer is now distributing a low-cost miniature Raman spectrometer from B&W Tek. The MiniRam NIR Raman spectrometer uses B&W’s Cleanlaze laser technology and TE cooled 2048 pixel CCD array spectrometer.

Automated beam profiling system

Photon has announced a new automated beam profiling system that acquires high-precision beam profiles along an optical path. It is ideal for collimation measurements and optical analysis.


Laser Components has introduced Wavepower, an easy-to-use tool that can measure the wavelength and output power measurement of laser diodes and laser diode modules simultaneously.

ProMetric Imaging Sphere

Pro-Lite Technology is distributing Radiant Imaging’s ProMetric Imaging Sphere. It is non-moving, and measures the luminous intensity distribution from an LED over a complete hemisphere in a couple of seconds.


The Coherent LaserCam-HR high-resolution laser beam profiler now features the new software release of 4.3.X, which includes an improved interface for increased speed, enhanced ease of use and greater functionality.


As an alternative to expensive and bulky benchtop units Femto Messtechnik offers the low-cost LIA-MV-150 Lock-In Amplifier module, with a working frequency range of 10Hz to 45kHz.


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