Analysis, test and measurement


As an alternative to expensive and bulky benchtop units Femto Messtechnik offers the low-cost LIA-MV-150 Lock-In Amplifier module, with a working frequency range of 10Hz to 45kHz.

M2 Wizard

Photon has added the M2 Wizard option to its NanoScan beam measurement instrument. The M2 Wizard uses a step-by-step procedure known as the Rayleigh method to measure the M2 parameter.

Laser Distance Measuring Module LDM43

Jenoptik has introduced the Laser Distance Measuring Module LDM43 with Profibus and SSI Interfaces. A Profibus DP-V0 interface allows for easy integration into field-bus-controlled process automation environments.

L50(300)A-IPL Head

Ophir Optronics has introduced the L50(300)A-IPL Head, specifically designed for energy and power measurement in IPL applications. The Model L50(300)A-IPL Head has a large 65mm aperture.

VN Absolute Specular Reflectance

Thermo Electron Corporation has introduced the VN Absolute Specular Reflectance accessory for use with its Evolution 300/600 UV-Vis spectrophotometer series, for QC and research applications.


Photon has introduced the USBeamPro, a high dynamic beam profiler and dedicated software package with a USB 2.0 interface. It provides a high level of portability for beam profiling.


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