Cameras and imaging

SC7100 NIR camera

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions has developed the SC7100 NIR camera, a multi-spectral near infrared camera for high-end R&D applications

PyLoN cameras for spectroscopy

Princeton Instruments has introduced its PyLoN series of controllerless, cryogenically-cooled CCD cameras designed for quantitative spectroscopy applications that demand the highest possible sensitivity

SpectroCam multispectral imaging (MSI) camera

The SpectroCam multispectral imaging (MSI) camera is now available from Ocean Thin Films (OTF) in a new development platform that combines a scientific-grade CCD array with a precision rotating optical filter wheel

High dynamic range cameras

Edmund Optics has introduced a new line of High Dynamic Range Cameras, which provide images from the visible to the NIR for a wide variety of challenging applications

Thermore 640 infrared sensor module

Armstrong Optical has made available the Thermore 640 infrared sensor module, allowing third party thermal imaging system builders to address applications requiring high spatial resolution

T620 and T640 cameras

Flir Systems has introduced its new T620 and T640 professional grade thermal imaging cameras, part of the company's popular T-Series product line

Hyper-Cam hyperspectral imager

Telops has released a new version of its Hyper-Cam hyperspectral imager, with features to facilitate operation and data processing, including the integration of GPS and compass information


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