Cameras and imaging

Orion SC7000

Flir has launched its Orion SC7000 system, an infrared multispectral imager capable of producing IR sub-band images at video rate within the SWIR, MWIR or LWIR regions

Phoenix nanotom m

General Electric's Inspection Technologies business has developed its phoenix nanotom m 3D metrology system for X-ray computed tomography to be used in non-destructive 3D analysis and 3D metrology

iXon X3 EMCCD cameras

Andor Technology has launched its iXon X3 range of high-performance EMCCD cameras, which it says represents the next generation of cameras within the iXon platform


Alrad Imaging has added the CMC-4000, the latest member of VDS Vosskuhler's range of high speed cameras, to its product portfolio


FLIR Systems has announced the launch of its ChromaNox line of electron multiplied CCD (EMCCD) low light security cameras


N-Driver, available from Armstring Optical, is a thermal imaging system for drivers, aimed at improving road and rail safety by increasing driver visibility under all weather and lighting conditions


Advanced Scientific Concepts (ASC) has introduced the TigerEye, the latest addition to its range of 3D Flash Lidar Cameras (FLC)


Hamamatsu Photonics will release its new Orca-D2 high-sensitivity camera for simultaneous dual wavelength imaging in early 2010

SC2500 NIR camera

Flir's new SC2500 NIR camera is its first indium gallium arsenide model with a European FPA detector, particularly valuable for applications such as silicon wafer inspection.


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