Cameras and imaging

PI-MAX 3 ICCD camera

Princeton Instruments has introduced the PI-MAX 3, an intensified CCD (ICCD) camera that meets researchers' requirements for sensitivity, speed, and control in time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy applications

Specialised Imaging Shadowgraph

The Specialised Imaging Shadowgraph camera from Specialised Imaging enables high resolution digital imaging of ultra fast events in ambient as well as low light environments

Digital Wavefront Cameras

PhaseView has released its new range of digital wavefront cameras. The cameras are cost-effective optical instruments, providing a high resolution and high dynamic range

iKon-M 934 BR-DD and LucaEM R

Common faults in solar cells and panels can now be detected far more simply using two high-performance cameras from Andor Technology – the iKon-M 934 BR-DD and the LucaEM R.


Michelson Diagnostics has released a preliminary specification for its clinical Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) probe and processing system, which the company says is planned for launch in late spring 2009.

Trajectory Tracker

Specialised Imaging has launched the Trajectory Tracker, which is a next generation video projectile tracking system.

PAXit! and PAXcam

MIS has released the PAXcam family of scientific-grade digital microscope cameras and PAXit! image management, reporting, and measurement software.


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