Cameras and imaging

ProMetric Y

Sphere Optics is now supplying ProMetric Y, a new family of imaging photometers from Radiant Zemax. With ultra-high resolution, the photometers are optimised to test displays, keyboards and cosmetic surfaces in high-volume production settings

Senso Drive and SensoDrive- P

Senso Optics has introduced the Senso Drive, a thermal camera for integration on top of a vehicle, and the SensoDrive- P, a periscopic thermal driver vision system for under armour driving capability

TS-IR infrared camera

Telops has launched the TS-IR, an IP67 rated infrared camera. The TS-IR is available in multiple configurations including midwave, longwave, and very longwave

SeamLine Pro

Trumpf has developed the SeamLine Pro, a weld monitoring system that senses the seam welding point, the beam spot and the weld itself at the same time

iKon-L HF fibre optic camera

Andor Technology has launched its iKon-L HF fibre optic camera. The camera has a high-QE (95 per cent) back-illuminated sensor, a single directly bonded FOP, and a spring-loading 'Soft Dock' mount

MagniView technology

Pentax Medical has launched its MagniView range of endoscopes, combining up to 136 times optical magnification with HD+ and i-scan, to support clinicians with detailed inspection and characterisation of suspicious areas

Flir A3500sc / A6500sc

Flir Systems has announced the release of a new range of thermal imaging cameras optimised for industrial applications including tyre, brake testing, on- and through-glass measurements, welding and soldering processes and fast moving process control appli


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