Cameras and imaging

Ensenso N10

Imaging Development Systems, a provider of medical and machine vision, is extending its Ensenso N10 compact stereo 3D camera portfolio, with 24 new versions featuring focal lengths from 3.6mm to 16mm to cover more distances and sizes

Beamage 3.0

Laser Lines has announced the launch by supplier Gentec E-O of the Beamage 3.0, which it describes as the first USB 3.0 camera dedicated to laser beam profiling


E2v, a provider of imaging solutions, has launched colour versions of its ELiiXA+ line scan cameras

WiDy SWIR camera

NIT has introduced the WiDy SWIR camera, integrating an ultra-wide dynamic range IngaAs sensor operating from 900nm up to 1700nm

X8000sc / X6000sc

The FLIR X8000sc / X6000sc thermal imaging camera series contains a four-slot motorised filter wheel with automatic filter recognition and measurement parameter adjustment


Ophir Photonics has launched the L11059 USB Large Format Beam Profiling Camera

C2 sensors

Automation Technology presents a new generation of high-speed 3D sensors

ImagEM X2

Hamamatsu Photonics has released the ImagEM X2, an electron multiplying (EM) CCD camera with faster speed than previous ImagEM cameras

Pyrocam IV

Ophir Photonics, a provider of precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport brand, has announced the Pyrocam IV








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